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Managing your inventory can be difficult and costly. With fluctuations in supply chains, it is important to have supplies ready & available while maintaining affordability. 

We provide 3PL warehousing services including local delivery quickly and efficiently at affordable prices, so you can grow your business without the hassle of running short.

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Flexible Space

Hassle free industrial warehousing

for custom needs


Centrally Located

1-3 days ground delivery to

75% of US population


Efficient Service

Load & unload times

in under 2 hours

Your Space, Your Way

Finding fast, flexible and effective warehousing for your business can be difficult.  The need for storing product that can be shipped and delivered quickly is higher than ever.

Industrial Warehouse Services  specializes in custom warehousing, distribution and 3PL services.

  • Staff on site: M-F 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Commercial, industrial or personal warehousing

  • Storage: Quoted monthly, by square footage, or per pallet 


Industrial Warehouse Services Within 2 Hours Of:

• Winchester, TN

• Decherd, TN

• Chattanooga, TN

• Tullahoma, TN

• Murfreesboro, TN

• Manchester, TN

• Huntsville, AL

• Shelbyville, TN

•Nashville, AL

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Location Advantages

The location of your warehouse and fulfillment center is critical to your freight sarges and delivery times. To increase speed while reducing costs, your fulfillment center must be centrally located. 

Industrial Warehouse Services' location offers:

  • 1-3 days ground delivery to 75% of the US population

  • Prompt response for local deliveries within 50 miles

  • Convenient connection with Highway 64 connector Interstate 24

  • 5 Airports within 1 hour of driving distance

Located in the heart of the industrial park of Winchester TN, we are strategically placed to provide warehouse operations that enhance your supply chain. Be it cross docking services or same day order fulfillment. Meaning. you can spend less time worrying about your logistics operations, and more time running your business.

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Industrial Warehousing Services

Our 75,000 square foot facilities are fully equipped with racking, sprinkler system and computerized inventory control. With 5 docks and ground level access we are able to provide prompt service that includes;

  • Load & unload times in under 2 hours

  • Cross docking

  • Customizable and specialty warehousing/ transportation services tailored to meet your needs

  • Quick Response times for delivery and storage needs. (Faced with a last minute emergency?  Not a problem, we have you covered!)

  • 75,000 square feet facility with racking, sprinkler system and inventory control

  • Security monitored. Cameras and alarm system

Let us show you how hassle free a 3PL warehouse can be. Worried about your supply chain? Need to stock up on inventory, but need same day delivery and fulfillment services? No problem. We specialize in quick order fulfillment, fast load and unload times and flexible warehousing services.

Have you been looking for dependable industrial warehousing services near Winchester TN? Whether you need commercial warehousing, industrial warehousing or other 3PL services, Industrial Warehouse Services is here to help. 

We work hard to be as effective as possible to maintain effective and cost saving services. Our mission is to give each customer the best warehousing experience possible. That way, you can focus on running your business, not on warehousing. 

We specialize in pallet in - pallet out type of materials. Our flexible floor space allows us to put up and take down racking, and customize in order to best suit your storage and warehouse needs. It also allows us to accommodate same day delivery, and pickups. Often times our customers call us in a panic because they received more goods than they can handle. Within minutes we are ready to receive and process them and safely warehouse their product until it comes time to send it back. Along with warehousing services, we also provide local delivery and pick up services with our tractor trailer and box truck. 

Looking for storage facilities? We often get requests for storage units and storage facilities. We work closely with Winchester Lock Storage, just minutes away to help customers needing that type of storage space. 

With supply chains as uncertain as they are, many manufacturers need to have reliable stock close by. That stock needs to be available for outbound shipment often times at a moments notice. Our distribution center is located strategically to provide ground delivery of 1-3 days to 75% of the US population. We offer cross docking services, warehouse operations and open floor space in a centrally located facility. 



887 Industrial Drive 

Winchester, TN 37398

Tel:  931-967-4318


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